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Our ROAD Mentoring Program
Providing guidance and direction in the lives of African American and Latino young men in Rockland County through mentoring

Mission Statement
Our mission of XLL is to have African American men provide direction and guidance to the lives of African American/Latino young men in Rockland County through mentoring. The program will have monthly sessions on Saturdays followed by one or two all day trips to locations that we determine are of both interest and beneficial to the young men. This will entail etiquette, public speaking, computer, and other enhancements. We will follow this up by having group mentoring sessions where we will branch off into small and sometimes large groups and talk with the young men about life.

The Mentees
The mentees for this program will be 6th to 12th grade young men from the area schools in Rockland County.

Structure of Monthly Sessions
The mentees as part of the ROAD program will participate in a number of activities during the course of the year. This could include but is not limited to cleanup for the Adopt-A-highway program, trip to West Point, baseball games and any other community activity we deem important to their overall development. They will also participate in some of the Xi Lambda Lambda social action programs.

The mentoring program will take place at the community room of the Finkelstein Library. The library has also given us access to the computer center and other areas of the facility when needed. The library is centrally located making it easily accessible to the community, in particular our young men many of whom can actually walk there.

For further information contact:    
Bro. Gerald H. Inman, Sr.
Chairman, ROAD
  Bro. Fred Cabbell
Secretary, ROAD
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